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"We're All About Play!"

We're passionate about bringing quality fun products to your play area
Our Philosophy

​​We are leaders in producing, high-quality indoor modular play equipment for use in commercial and institutional environments.

Since 1995, Keebee products have been produced from safe and superior building materials obtained from the United States and Canada. Installed into many thousands of locations all over the world, Keebee Play has come to be known as the premier producer of modular play equipment and is why Keebee products are preferred by many corporate clients who have come to rely upon the safety and durability that Keebee Play products provide

Our Passion

How can we help you make play fit?
If you are looking to make your business more family-smart, we can provide you a dependable play solution to fit into any application from our line-up of standard play products.

If you are a business that includes play in your brand experience, you can depend upon our expertise and experience to integrate your corporate identity into a play solution ‘tailor-made’ to fit your brand.


Our Vision

We know how to make play fit. We understand what it takes to make play suitable for commercial spaces. We design our products to be safe, rugged and durable, easy to put together, easy to clean and service. We understand that play is learning and that learning should be engaging, interesting and fun.

Let us help you make play fit into your unique situation.

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