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Frame Colours Shipped At Random Based On Availability - Red or Yellow

Everything you need to know about our modules

Panel Size


Play Modules are 17-3/4” wide (45cm) x 27-5/8” tall (70cm) and sit proud from the wall up to 2” (5cm), depending on the model.

Panel Types


We produce 2 different frame styles that permit play modules to be installed into a variety of applications.


am - type

am type Play Modules can be installed into any of our Play Systems. Play modules for Play Systems are fabricated as am type and are all interchangeable.

aw - type

aw type Play Modules are for wall-mount applications only and are able to be affixed directly to a wall without need of a panel system or wall-mount housing. Hardware is supplied for both solid wall and hollow wall applications.

Housing Types


Not all activity modules can be fabricated with aw-type frames and able to be directly affixed to the wall. Activity modules that cannot be in an aw-type frames can still be attached to the wall with the help of wall mount housings.

  • single housing - fp9501 Permits 1 am type module to be affixed to the wall.

  • triple housing - fp9601 Permits 3 am type play module modules be affixed to the wall.


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