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wobbly pods - Special Order Item

Wobbly Pods are a great ‘game of skill’ to be included in any ‘Kid’s Corner’. Designed and intended for ‘Kids of all ages’, children tip, twist and turn the table top to guide the balls into their proper destinations. Not as easy as it may appear, Wobbly Pod games help children to develop concentration and fine motor skills, in a very playful way! As with all other Keebee Play Items, Wobbly Pods encourage quiet play. There are no loose pieces to go missing! There is no running, shouting or climbing!


Wobbly Pods stand 22”(56cm) tall. The play table top is 24” (60cm) in diameter.

land the airplane



Tip, twist and turn the play table top to bring these planes safely to the ground.


Once you have landed one, there are 2 more to go – each harder than the other.

divot maze



An amazing maze game! Start at the edge and make you way to the center.


Children require all of their concentration to avoid the dead-end trails.


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