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circus train

wall mount system

The wall mounted Circus Train is purchased as individual panels. Build your train configuration best suited for your wall space and budget.


locomotive activity panel


This panel includes an engine panel Game Board and an ‘Engineer’ graphic topper. (He’s a sheep-dog, if you were wondering)


giraffe activity panel


Includes a wheel base, a Giraffe graphic topper of course and your choice of 1 aw type play module.


elephant activity panel


Includes a wheel base, An Elephant graphic topper, and your choice of 1 aw type play module. Please note that the Elephant activity panel will not fit directly behind the Locomotive panel and will only fit behind the Giraffe activity panel. Elephants are like that.


caboose activity panel


Includes 3 wheel bases, a clown topper, a triple housing and your choice of 3 am type play modules.


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