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Dependable. Durable.

​​Play spaces for government services.

We bring our children with us everywhere we go. Car dealerships, women’s clothing stores, fitness clubs, dental and doctor’s offices. However, one of the most hectic expereinces with children can be running the more time consuming errands that require patience and concentration.

Our solution is to create a quite, safe and entertaining distraction for children and give parents, and those around them, a smoother experience. You can create child-friendly spaces in any environment with our wide selection of standard products.


Play Practical
Keebee products encourage fine motor skill play. Children are invited to sit and play quietly.
There are no pieces to go missing. There are no loose parts to be put into mouths. There is no running, jumping or climbing.

Commercial grade quality
Built in North America, only quality approved materials are used to produce play products able to withstand the rigorous play of children in public places.

Infectious control measures
Keebee’s products are designed to be easily cleaned and disinfected.
There are no seams, nooks, or crannies. There are no fabric or plush surfaces. Our coatings contain antimicrobial additives and are able to withstand constant cleaning of alcohol based disinfectants.

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